Our Mission

This institution belonging to cast and inter caste women girls scheduled castes caste women superstition, casteism, bigotry terrorists abuse drug abuse murder rape women outrageous social crime, prostitution female foeticide dowry system child labour, women worker’s, save daughter, educate daughters, run awareness programs and develop people’s consciousness to fight social evils Seminar symposia conducting etc

A.G.M.V.S. NGO’s goal is to adopt self-employment by importing efficient training under government schemes to the unemployed youth and youth women in the society. Conduct awareness programmes to protect against incurable diseases ad AIDS, cancer, Kalagar Leprosy, Hepatitis B infection and for affected persons. The necessary medical medicine will serve the purpose of arranging health care rehabilitation and for preventing and elimination.

Public meetings visits etc as well as endeavour to provide medical and artificial limbs to the blind, mentally underdeveloped. Every possible solution to provide health services to women minorities living in rural and when areas will endeavour primary health cum treatment centre restoration, family welfare camp, vaccination camp, mother child welfare, yoga sadhana camp, health check-up will conduct camp and other camp. Organizing programmes of education for propagation of education, programmes of education being conducted by the state and central govt. promoting women’s education and to provide better education for youth girls also to conduct the education camp by the organization for girls.

This institute for development of intellectual and knowledge of women, girls, children and minorities and the poor. Institute of public education. School college hospital, institute of technical education, institute of child labour, school, hostel, handcraft self-help group set up and training women education. Inaugurate the centre and make the people literate to help the government in carrying out the education and adult education programme conduct of relief operations in flood famine epidemic drought area and other natural calamities rehabilitation and help victims. Forest department forestry gonorship rehabilitation arrangements for their purpose and carrying out plantation programme to general public.

To create awareness about the environment by public opinion radio to prevent pollution and to publicize through letters, souvenir short essay to do. To help government in operation of join kalliankari scheme, run by the state and central government skill development digital Indian make an effort to ensure the participation of the institution in the area of Indian and benefit people from conduct of programs.