Promoter’s Message

Mr. Utphul Kumar

The institute of education have an increasingly important role to fulfil in this era of knowledge. Education is playing a significant role in shaping the lives of young generation and in turn contributing towards the social development of our nation. The need of the hour is to generate knowledge share the knowledge and apply the knowledge for the social and commercial benefit of our society and country.

AGMVS society of Institutions is committed to contribute to the cause of nation building by providing quality education a no price free and free education. Various pedagogic tools help our students develop not only a holistic life but an ability to seize opportunities in a competitive education environment. At the same time to remain committed towards the betterment of the society our management development programs are exclusively education focused so as to equip the executives with latest management

AGMVS in every dynamic context of domestic and international education environment. We are committed towards for our country. The infrastructure you will enjoy in this institution is first to none. The academic excellence imparted through the dedicated faculty members in an environment of self study and research will be a sure advantage to these willing to put in extra efforts. I am sure you will bring laurels to your organization and will do everything to further its reputation as you join the society fraternity of AGMVS.